End-to-End Infrastructure Build

Site acquisition involves assisting the customers to acquire the proposed locations for new sites.

TSS comprises evaluation of sites suitability and the relevant infrastructure requirements, amongst others, site measurements and dimensions, type of equipment installation and cable specifications, nearest locations of utilities such as source of power, line of sight or other means of connecting the proposed site to other base stations, required flight paths, possible description of airplanes and others.

Local council/ authority liaison involves handling of all permits required with the local authority and councils regarding the sites including site acquisition, TSS and construction.

Tower and cabin works entail the design of the tower structure to meet the required professional specifications by using the data input derived from TSS, engaging the services of a professional engineer to verify the proposed design, liaising with the manufacturers of the towers and cabins to fabricate the required structures and employing Instacom Group’s skilled workforce to build and install these structures.